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Updates & Changes

January 3, 2020  Are you still using Windows 7?
Is your computer or laptop still running the version of Windows called Windows 7?  On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7. That does NOT mean that Windows 7 will stop working and doing what it’s always done, at least for a little while. But it does mean that you'll be at some additional risk from hackers or malware as you continue using this operating system version since Microsoft will no longer be sending monthly patches to correct security bugs.
If you still have a Windows 7 machine, that means you likely have a 7-10 year old machine. OK, if you have a really nice old computer, you may consider upgrading to Windows 10. That option is available. But the Information Technology Guru’s are telling me, the best thing for regular folks is to just purchase a new desktop or laptop with Windows 10 installed. It seems the computer manufacturers incorporate hardware technology that supports Windows 10.
You have some time during 2020 to continue using Windows 7, but as the months tick by and the security issues become greater and greater without patches, you should consider a change. It will be like after January 14th your home door will begin to open slightly to security issues, and then later it will be like all your doors and windows being open to intruders.
January 3, 2016 Responsive Design to Customize Class Website Now Available
Your website host, Class Creator, has made available to your webmasters a new Responsive Design feature. The Responsive Design makes it easier to customize your website looks and also is the best way for our classmates to view your website on computers, tablets, and mobile phones. Your webmaster has begun to make design changes to your class website on January 3, 2016 and will continue tweaking the looks over the month.
Other than the looks of the website the biggest change is the move of five of the pick list selections from the left page side navigation vertical bar to the navigation bar beneath the header photo. Also all the “Member Functions” menu selections that were on the left side navigation vertical bar as a pick list are now found by clicking on the Person icon on the top upper right hand side of the page. The Message Center and Notifications icons are also located there.
August 7, 2015 Class Creator Announcement – New Image Editor
Recently a new Image Editor was added to our class website. The Image Editor allows you to fix numerous photo problems, such as adjusting an incorrect photo orientation, or making a simple color tweak.
Here is a 5:42 minute overview video: NEW PHOTO EDITOR TUTORIAL
I encourage you to go into your Profile and upload a new image. Give the new photo editing tools a try and play with the various features. With these new tools the images you share with classmates will look their very best!
January 29, 2014  – Are you still using Windows XP?
Is your computer or laptop still running an older version of Windows called Windows XP? In April 8th of this year, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP and Office 2003. That does NOT mean that Windows XP or Office 2003 components like Word, Excel, or Powerpoint will stop working and doing what they’ve always done. But it does mean that you'll be at some additional risk from hackers or malware as you continue using them since Microsoft will no longer be sending monthly patches to correct security bugs.
Beyond the growing risk of malware and hackers, XP limits its Microsoft internet browser version of Internet Explorer (IE) to version 8 called IE8. The company which hosts our website has already made changes in the programs which run behind the scenes to work with later versions of IE. Those changes do not always work as they used to with IE8. While our website continues to function quite well, there are others beginning to report problems. That trend will continue as more changes are made to take advantage of newer IE releases.
If you are still using Windows XP, IE8 or Office 2003, you should plan to upgrade one of these days. Until then, you might also consider downloading a replacement browser for IE8 such as Chrome, FireFox or Safari. These internet browsers may offer a little more internet security for your Windows XP computer after the April 8th date for a short time. These are free and are easy to install and use. Remember, you can always get one of the grandkids to help you install them...
December 28, 2013 Class Creator Announcement – Ads for Unfunded Websites
First a Comment by Your Reunion Committee
Your Reunion Committee has been very fortunate to have the necessary wealth to fund our Westside HS Class of 1964 Reunion website through November 2024. This should get us through our 60th Reunion if we do it. Having the website funded allows us to maintain our website ad free. The following is a Class Creator message from December 28, 2013 on their program to have ads added to unfunded class websites to maintain them indefinitely. This is a great program for those classes without adequate funding support of their website between reunions.
Class Creator Message
Let me tell you about something that happens on Class Creator that I don't like.
As you know, one person or entity typically funds a Class Creator web site. Funding is sometimes discontinued for a variety of reasons, including classes are between reunions and the Class Administrator does not wish to pay during this time, a Class Administrator can simply no longer afford the monthly fee at all for the site (sad but happens all too frequently), and in some cases a Class Administrator has passed away.
When any of these things happen entire class sites go dark and dozens -- in many cases hundreds -- of classmate accounts are lost. In many cases classmates have invested a great deal of time building beautiful Profiles, never expecting to have their work disappear because the Administrator was not able to keep the site going. Over time tens of thousands of classmate accounts on Class Creator have been lost forever this way. We cannot continue to allow this to happen. The classmates that have put so much work into these sites deserve better.
We discussed numerous solutions to combat this problem and have arrived at a solution:
Class Creator sites will no longer expire at the end of the paid subscription duration. They will automatically take on our new Free (with ads) plan. Advertising is light and generally will have a nominal impact on the class experience. Ads are provided by Google and Yahoo/Bing, both of whom Class Creator has partnered with. Both are clearly reputable ad providers. These two new partnerships will allow all Class Creator sites to be preserved and remain active indefinitely even if funding is discontinued. Ads can be removed simply by subscribing again. Note that most Class Administrators won't see any changes at all unless you let your site expire without renewing, at which time there will be a 7 day grace period, then ads will appear.
Not only will paid sites become Free (with ads) at the end of the subscription duration if the Class Administrator cannot renew, we are testing starting today allowing people to build completely free (with ads) Class Creator sites right from the start. We have committed to testing this for one month only, at which time we will determine if we will continue allow sites to be built with ads from inception.
If you know anybody who would like a completely free Class Creator web site now is the time to let them know about this new option. Please do it soon, as again we're not sure if we will continue allowing the Free (ads) Plan from site inception. All sites built during the next month will stay free (with ads) indefinitely even if we elect to no longer offer the Free (ads) plan from inception.
Something else to consider: As many of you know, numerous people have used Class Creator to build non class sites. From family sites to church sites to military sites and more, if you would like to build a free of charge non-class site, now is the time to do it with our new Free (ads) plan. For more information about building non Class Sites on Class Creator read our help forum thread. There is no limit to the number of free sites you can build in the next month while we test this. In fact the more sites built and the more data we gather, the better. Based on the data we will determine if we will continue to allow the Free (ads) plan from inception. Just go to ClassCreator.com and click Build Site to get started on any new sites using the Free (ads) plan.
Ugly ads? While we have partnered with two Internet giants to provide these ads, bear in mind millions of companies advertise through these systems.  Google and Yahoo/Bing cannot control everything. If you're trying a new site with the new Free (ads) plan and you see a particularly ugly or even an offensive ad, just let us know. We can ban specific advertisers and even entire market segments. Ads will become more targeted to the users here over time, and we will insist on only high quality, reputable ads on the Class Creator system.
We are very pleased that some light Google and Yahoo ads will allow us to solve the situation above and keep all class sites live and all classmate profiles active indefinitely. We know "advertising" is not normally a word people get too excited about -- and that certainly includes us -- but in this case we think it's a move that will best fulfill our objective of keeping classmates united for a lifetime, and never again losing all the work Administrators and classmates alike have invested in their sites.
Creatively Yours,
Brad G Switzer
Class Creator
December 17, 2013 Class Creator Announcement – New Profiles Format
Great news! We have a brand new Classmate Profiles format on our class web site. The new format is much more dynamic and engaging and I think you'll really enjoy it.
Log-in to the site and click your "Edit Profile" link to see the changes. You can now do some new things like:
   1.  Upload a "Then" photo of how you looked in your high school years.
   2.  Upload a "Now" photo showing what you look like today. It's interesting seeing the Then & Now photos side by side.
   3.  Upload a "Yearbook" photo (if one has not already been provided)
   4.  Click the photo gallery icon in the upper right to add more Profile photos. It's now faster and easier to add any photos you want.
   5.  Click the videos tab then paste in a video link, such as a Youtube video link (just copy the web address of the video from your browser's address bar). Voila, the video has been added to your Profile!
   6.  Quickly toggle back and forth from Profile Edit view to Profile Preview view by clicking the button at the top of your Profile.
The Profile display now includes 2 new engaging features:
   1.  Classmates can make comments on various items throughout your Profile. Give it a look! If you prefer others not comment on your Profile items you can remove the ability to comment by clicking Edit Profile and turning off the Comments feature.
   2.  A "Latest Interactions" section is now included. This is an aggregation of interactions you have made around the web site. Note this new section is not displaying behavioral tracking. For instance where you go and what you do on the site is private, and not listed here. Latest Interactions only displays an aggregation of interactions already available on other areas of the web site.
Please log-in to the website and take a look at both your Profile Edit screen and the Profile Display. I hope you enjoy these great new features!
April 18, 2013 Class Creator Policy Change Announcement
Class Creator will no longer show street addresses or telephone numbers in Profiles even if the Classmate has allowed those items to be shared with fellow Classmates.
For now on if a Classmate wants the street address or telephone number of a fellow Classmate he or she will need to contact the Classmate and ask for that information. These requests can be made through the Class Creator system of course -- the information will simply no longer be shown on the Profiles page.
The system will continue to collect street address and telephone numbers for all members but only Administrators will be able to see this information from now on.
Privacy laws have become extremely strict. We are taking this measure to ensure we are in compliance with current privacy laws and to protect your members from the potential unintended sharing of sensitive personal information.
Although arguably there are cases where it's convenient to share telephone number and street address with fellow Classmates, most Classmates don't opt for this option anyway. Unfortunately there's no way to know 100% for sure that a new registrant is a real classmate. Cases of hijacking and impersonation and so forth do happen.
If a member needs the street address or telephone number of a fellow member it's really not hard to simply ask. If the classmate wants to then offer up that information they can do so on their own volition.
I know there may be some Administrators here who will not be happy with the removal of this feature. I apologize if that's the case. Please understand for legal reasons and in accordance with our continual commitment to protection of privacy this decision is set in stone and we will not be able to accommodate exceptions.